Miles Meason, Psy.D.

Dr. Miles Meason - Denver, CO. counselor

My name is Miles and some of the most important things in my life are my relationships. I didn’t grow up in a family where I was taught everything that I needed to know about relationships. I would easily get into relationships and when they were going well I would have a great time, but then when they would get hard I wouldn’t know what to do to make it better. For many years I struggled to understand them and feel happy in them a lot of the time. Most of all I just wanted my relationship to feel easy and relaxed instead of feeling like work.

I’m happily married and a father and both of these roles have been a growing process for me, which I didn’t necessarily start out great at. I have learned from mentors and other wonderful therapists about how I can share my feelings in my relationships. I have learned how to say no and to be able to take care of my wife so that she also feels supported and loved. My wife and I have been able to heal the hurts in our relationship and appreciate and love each other was we did on our wedding day, but with more depth. I can understand when I get angry and have learned how to express it so that I feel heard and so my wife doesn’t feel hurt. I have noticed that I am much happier when I feel closer to my wife, and these days I am typically very happy. I am able to be the parent that I want to be because when I come home I feel happy and full, which allows me to be present and patient when my kids are crying and I’m also tired from a long day.

A lot of men haven’t really thought about relationships and what makes them work. When I got into this profession I didn’t know that I wanted to work with couples and individuals who are wanting to work on their relationships. After feeling the changes in my life that have come through the growth in my own relationships I easily decided that I wanted to devote my professional life to helping other people find this joy in their relationships. I now help people have relationships that feel easy and relaxed.

I would love to hear your story if I can help. Please give me a call at (970) 270-8928. I am excited for you to have the relationship you want in your life!