Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

• My partner doesn’t want to come in to therapy, does it make sense for me to come in alone?

Yes! Often I work with one person in a relationship on how to make the relationship stronger. While it would be helpful if the two of you were able to make it in for couples therapy, I have found that many people I work with are able to make huge improvements in their relationship and personal issues if we do meet individually. It only takes one of you to start the change process and it is not uncommon for one person in a relationship to feel hesitant to start therapy.

• Should I see someone individually before my husband and I come for couples therapy?

While it is often not necessary for you to be in individual therapy while in couples therapy I have found that sometimes it can be very helpful. I see many people for couples therapy who are seeing another therapist for individual counseling and visa-versa. If you have specific concerns that lead you to wondering if you should also see an individual therapist I’d be happy to talk over those concerns when we first meet.

• How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment you can call me at (970) 270-8928.