Trauma Counseling

traumatic eventThere are so many ways to experience trauma.

It could be from abuse as a child, a physical attack, a natural disaster, a car accident, sexual assault, or even just everyday stress. The list of events that can be labeled traumatic is extremely long.

The one thing they have in common is that the individual is less capable of dealing with the day-to-day happenings in life. Maybe, with time, a person can get through the funk on their own. Other times people need more help and I can help you explore methods to handle the trauma and incorporate the event into one’s life in a healthy way.

Trauma Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Traumatic experiences can affect many areas of an individual’s life and can create extremely powerful and painful emotional experiences. It is important to recognize that there are symptoms knocking you off your course of life which can disrupt relationships, result in intense anxiety or depression, or lead to potentially unhealthy behavior. A traumatic event can alter the way you approach everything from dealing with loved ones to even how you walk down the street.

Some symptoms resulting from a trauma include:
• Recurring nightmares and flashbacks of the trauma.
• Becoming upset when someone brings up the trauma.
• Decreased enjoyment in activities that once brought pleasure.
• Feeling irritable or having other exaggerated responses to events that normally would not elicit such emotions.
• Difficulty in relationships with connection, emotional intimacy, or sex / sexuality.
• Difficult sleeping or concentrating.
• Always being on guard.
• Intense anxiety, shame, or self-isolation.
• Substance abuse.
• Problems with food or the body.

Recovering from Traumatic Event

I have worked with many individuals who have experienced trauma and I can help. These symptoms don’t have to rule your life. Recovering from a traumatic event can be a long and gradual process. But, just deciding to admit an event has had a negative effect on your life is a powerful, and healthy, admission.

Often people who have experienced traumatic events can feel a strong need to control their environment in order to rebuild safety. This can include environmental changes like rechecking the locks on doors multiple times, sitting in a particular place in a room of people that feels more safe, responding differently in relationships, or changes in the way the person expresses themselves with their body.

Starting treatment for traumatic experiences can feel anxiety producing and scary but is the first step to making lasting changes that will redirect your life back to where you want it to be. With support, healthy treatment may include:
• Understanding what caused the trauma.
• Creating safety and regaining a sense of control over your life.
• Understanding and exploring the impacts of the trauma.
• Exploring and uncovering the deep emotional impact and learning how to get emotional needs met.
• Exploring ways to regain the life you want within a safe, therapeutic environment.
• Talking to others for support and finding safe spaces and relationships to open up.
• Re-engaging in relationships and relearning how to become intimate in relationships.
• Practicing relaxation methods or mindfulness.
• More time enjoying life instead running from it.

I Understand Trauma

Based out of Denver, I have been treating Colorado survivors of traumatic experiences in university settings, substance abuse treatment programs, crisis response services, and community health centers. In addition, I work as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver teaching and supervising doctoral level therapists on clinical approaches to treating, among other conditions, symptoms related to traumatic events.

I passionately believe that therapy will positively affect the lives of trauma survivors and I have seen the change and courage firsthand that each individual brings to the therapy. I treats each client with respect and understanding because I know the bravery it takes to approach some of the incredibly difficult experiences that people have lived through. Contact the office to set up a trauma counseling initial consultation and begin the journey to find a better, healthier way with dealing with the trauma in your life.

Choose to walk toward a day where you have the life you dream of.