Couples Counseling in Denver, CO

couplesLet’s face it.

Relationships are difficult.

The challenges of everyday life can test what you thought was a rock solid relationship. Whether it’s children, difficult in-laws, the stress of a demanding job, financial problems, a miscarriage — or combination of these concerns – the stresses can eat away at your relationship.

Problems can erode the bonds that bind like a rushing river, possibly rerouting its course forever. And the sad part is a couple may not see the damage for what it is. Instead they start hammering on each other over the littlest things, never addressing the root causes tearing them apart.

But, there is hope.

The couples counseling in Denver that I provide can help ease the rocky waters between you and your partner. Creating a safe environment where a couple – whether married, thinking about marrying or in a dating relationship – can communicate effectively and find healthy resolutions to their problems.

Healing the Hurt through Closeness

Connection is the key to sustaining a healthy relationship.

The most effective change a couple can make to combat the many negative forces confronting a relationship is to understand the patterns that lead to disconnection in their relationship and learn how to find that closeness and intimacy again. I work to create a safe and comfortable setting where couples learn the tools to effectively work through their issues. This involves getting each partner to express their feelings to each other in a way that is productive and leads to resolution – not continued disconnect and hurt.

I help couples explore and resolve their emotions rather than let feelings like anger and mistrust dictate how a problem gets handled. I help couples understand how that anger and mistrust is an important part of their dance that leads them to conflict and hurt.

I help couples:
• Identify the triggers and resultant pattern of a couple’s distress.
• Enable each partner to be heard and hear themselves.
• Explore problems as well as uncover paths for positive change.
• Deescalate from the anger, mistrust, stress and frustration.
• Foster a secure attachment between partners.
• Empower partners to make positive changes in the relationship and help them re-learn how to risk toward connection and intimacy.
• Create new and positive emotional bonds.
• Improve intimacy.

Don’t Wait for Problems to Get to Too Large to Overcome

Research has shown that couples wait six weeks before going to see a therapist about their concerns. By waiting, the couple only serves to allow the damaging pattern to continue and more hurt to build up. Counseling is the answer as soon as problems arise and holding off on appropriate, counselor-guided help with an issue can create a greater obstacle for a relationship to overcome. Dealing with the difficult emotions resulting from the growing stresses on a relationship is what saves a relationship. In fact, overcoming problems makes a relationship stronger through learning to risk and grow closer.

I have been treating Denver and Front Range couples in many clinical locations throughout Colorado for many years. In addition, I work as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver teaching and supervising doctoral level therapists on clinical approaches to providing effective couples therapy, including marriage counseling, and pre-marital counseling.

I passionately believe therapy will positively affect the lives of couples and treat them with understanding that there is much to learn from their experiences. I have seen the wonderful changes that couples can make in their relationships and have helped many couples resolve ongoing tensions, find passion in their relationship again and find their way back to genuine and authentic communication.

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Our Couples Counseling Services include:

• Marriage Counseling
• LGBT Counseling